TimeMate Biometric System (Box Edition)

Don’t want to invest in fancy time recording device with built-in memory or pay for additional cost towards installation, maintenance of these hardware devices. TimeMate Box is best solution for your biometric authentication requirement.
Manage employee time and attendance with USB finger print sensor.
TimeMate biometric reader is specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of small office environment and application areas like distributed retail chains or small office across various regions with fewer employee count.
You just need a USB enabled computer which is very common today at each of the locations where you would want to install TimeMate. TimeMate Box Edition comes with the U are U 4500 USB fingerprint device for time recording and is very economically priced considering this specific market need.
TimeMate biometric solutions can work on a single independent PC or can be used on your local LAN/WAN. It can also be user configure to manage time and attendance data recorded from various location to be synched to a central Server at HO or vice a versa via Internet.
With the included U are U 4500 fingerprint sensors with fingerprint access TimeMate Box Edition can securely and conveniently record employee check in and check out.
TimeMate Box Edition - Provides clocking solution for office staff. Registered users can clock in and clock out using either of 3 methods: PIN (Identification Number) based, Biometric fingerprint reader interface, or a Combination of PIN, Smart Card and Biometric devices access.
TimeMate Box Edition is a complete USB Based fingerprint biometrics recognition Time Attendance package for companies with fewer employees at a single or distributed location.
Intelliob TimeMate Box Edition consist of a robust USB Fingerprint scanner connected to your standard office computer (preferably at your reception or at entrance with security personnel) and Intelliob TimeMate attendance management software loaded on the same or other computer on the LAN.
TimeMate Box Edition includes a robust U are U 4500 Fingerprint scanner with high quality fingerprint scanning and long self life. It is a very economical and efficient USB scanner best suited for small office and retail chains for Time & Attendance management needs.
TimeMate Box Edition comes with Intelliob Time Attendance management software with a simple user friendly interface and context help and documentations. TimeMate software can be installed on a single standalone computer or on your intranet.
TimeMate Box
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TimeMate Time & Attendance Benefits:
Cut down on administrative time.
Flexi Time: Office-type environment.
Fixed Time: Environments with shift work and night work.
Contract Time: Casual and contract workers.
Access via intranet or Internet using web browser.
Graphical representation of events, schedules and time calculations.
Interface with PayCare or existing Payroll software..
• Time & Attendance Hardware Devices
• Take a Tour Online
• View Screen Shots
• Download Brochure & Presentation
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